ZE:A is upgraded to “bf-dols,” or boyfriend idols.

On August 9, “Step Up 4: Revolution” preview was held at CGV Sangam theater. ZE:A invited 200 fans who were chosen online in first-come, first-serve basis to screen the movie together. Upon ZE:A’s entrance, Kim Dong Jun gave their fans an impromptu performance in break-dancing. The audience was delighted.

Fans who had the extra privilege to sit next to Dong Jun and Hwang Hee were seen to be sharing popcorn and nachos throughout the movie.

A Star Empire representative stated, “To approach fans with an enhanced level of familiarity, ZE:A has been to Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, Bucheon, Daejeon, and Seoul to promote the “fighting project.” The release of “Step Up 4: Revolution” came at a right time when ZE:A members responsible for its promotion can interact directly with their fans, too.”

Meanwhile, the ZE:A members are currently active with their latest single “Aftermath” and are regularly appearing in weekly music shows.