Star Empire Entertainment recently released an absolutely adorable video of the nine members of ZE:A practicing their newest song “Watch Out!!” while wearing cute animal pajamas. Soompi is aware that the video was leaked and has been floating around the Internet for a few days, but we were a bit wary of posting an unofficial video. 

The members each wore a distinct animal costume, and there were a dinosaur, a chicken, a giraffe, a tiger, a pikachu,  a cow, a red panda, a cat, and an emperor penguin dancing to “Watch Out!!” ZE:A members displayed their professionalism and managed to finish the song perfectly even while wearing footie pajamas. 

The video was not only entertaining due to the unique visuals, but also because it was obvious that ZE:A members were enjoying themselves.

Check out the practice video below. Hopefully this is only one of many more to come!

cr: YT @ZEA2011