ZE:A’s Kwang Hee revealed cute photos of his fellow members. This morning he tweeted “What! How could you guys do this while I’m gone? I want a Pikachu pajama too! Jun Young and Hyung Sik are excited! Awwww~ you guys look good in it.”

He also posted a couple more photos with the description “Oh yeah~ cute baby Dong Joon! Omg so cute, he’s running around while grabbing on to his Pikachu ears! Pika~ chu.” In the photos, Jun Young and Hyung Sik are making a cute face while dressed in Pikachu pajamas. Dong Joon, the youngest member, is flashing a big smile while holding on to his Pikachu ears.

Netizens commented, “I wish you guys would do a cute concept now,” “Please wear it on stage,” “So cute.” Meanwhile, ZE:A is scheduled to release their new song “Watch Out” on July 8th and start promotional activities.