ZE:A showed their new concept for their next song through M2DAY. They wrote on July 29th through their M2DAY, “We started performing a new song, were you disappointed that we weren’t posting huh? Transformation is non-guilty! Don’t be surprised at how cooler we’ve gotten.”

ZE:A started their single “heart for 2” which is accompanying their song “Watch out!” “Watch Out” was a single that showed the loveable side of ZE:A, “heart for 2” on the other hand shows a strong and charismatic side.

Fans have said, “I am anticipating the new change! Heart for 2 is such a good song, are there no pictures of Kwanghee?”

ZE:A showed their first performance for “heart for 2” on M.net’s “M Countdown” on July 28th.



Source: Star News