On August 22, on the 87th episode of MBC everyday sitcom “Standby,” ZE:A idol group member Im Siwan had his first kiss scene with actress Jung So Min who is well-known for her role in drama “Playful Kiss.”

Siwan left fans sighing for more with his turn as the beautiful young scholar Heo Yeom, brother of the king’s first love Yeon Woo, in national drama “The Moon That Embraces The Sun.”

Siwan was next selected to play the son of the fiancée of hapless newscaster Ryu Jin Haeng in the sitcom “Standby.”  After Siwan’s mother dies in a tragic accident, the two are left stunned and the sitcom follows how they pick up the pieces of their lives with Ryu Jin Haeng taking care of Siwan as his son.  Siwan’s character is the top student in his school and eventually falls for the goofy but sweet Jung So Min (who unfortunately is in love with Lee Ki Woo’s character.)

This particular episode is a fantasy episode which stems from Siwan writing a story entitled “The Story of Mong Ryong—A Joseon Fantasy Romance.”  The story is about a scholar who must leave to take an exam.  Before he leaves, after receiving a token of her affection, Siwan places a sweet “traditional wedding rouge” kiss on his love Jung So Min’s forehead and cheeks.  Then he asks her if she will marry him, she agrees, and they kiss on the lips.  During a traditional Korean wedding ceremony, a wedding rouge is placed on the bride’s forehead and cheeks.

When asked about the kiss scene with Jung So Min, Siwan commented, “Actually, my first kiss was with Kyung Po [his bumbling but well-intentioned best friend in the sitcom].  It was a really unforgettable first kiss.  If in the future as I continue to act and there is another kiss scene, whoever the person is, I think I would like it more if it was with a woman.”