ZE:A will be the first K-Pop artist to hold a showcase in the Middle East. ZE:A is scheduled to hold a fan meeting in Dubai, UAE on April 22, followed by a showcase in Abu Dhabi. Previously, ZE:A visited Abu Dhabi with Seo In Young and Nine Muses for a music festival in 2011. Their success in Abu Dhabi proved that the Middle Eastern market is the new blue ocean for K-Pop. 

An official from ZE:A’s agency Star Empire stated, “Last year, we had the first-hand experience of Hallyu in the Middle East at a music festival in Abu Dhabi. Performances of Star Empire’s artists drew much attention to K-Pop girl groups as well as boy groups. As a result, ZE:A has been invited back for this showcase.” 

ZE:A is determined to make this upcoming showcase the starting point of their international career. Star Empire commented, “We plan on opening the Middle Eastern market to K-Pop. Since K-Pop fans in the Middle East have many limitations geographically to see their favorite artists, we are looking at different venues to pursue more frequent and steady communication and meetings with them.”  

Recently, many K-Pop artists have ventured out to Europe and South America. However, this is the first time of a Korean artist to have a fan meeting and a showcase in the Middle East. Another official from Star Empire stated, “Since Star Empire artists made their appearance at the music festival in Abu Dhabi, we have been getting many offers and inquiries about performing in the Middle East. They were especially intrigued by our female artists. We were surprised since we thought culturally, it was not acceptable for women to wear revealing clothes and perform onstage. Now we know that the Middle Eastern market is open to K-Pop.” 

ZE:A will be departing for Dubai on April 20.