A new teaser photo of Dongjun has been released, heightening the anticipation for ZE:A‘s future comeback!

On July 30, Star Empire Entertainment posted the teaser image of Dongjun on their official Facebook page.

Dongjun is leaning against a building in a fashionable white and black outfit. With his eyes closed, Dongjun emits a melancholy aura but at the same time, displays his good-looks and pretty side profile.

Other teaser images for Junyoung, Taeheon, Hyungsik, Minwoo, Siwan, Heechul and Kwanghee have been released. Now there’s only one member left– Kevin!

ZE:A will be coming back on August 9 with “Ghost of the Wind” as part of their new mini-album, “Illusion.”

Stay tuned to Soompi for more updates!

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