ZE:A member Dongjun will be joining the KBS variety show “Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education,” along with actor Lee Ji Hoon.

“Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education” takes the format of a team of celebrities training and later competing against neighborhood sports clubs. Led by MCs Kang Ho Dong, Lee Soo Geun, and DBSK‘s Changmin, the show first took on ping pong, then bowling. Currently, the members are playing badminton, and Dongjun and Lee Ji Hoon will be joining the MCs, Choi Dal Hwan, Lee Man Ki, John Park, Lee Jong Soo, Big Star‘s Feel Dog, and 2PM‘s Chansung.

Dongjun, who is already widely known for his athletic skills, is expected to bring a high level of competitiveness to the show. Lee Ji Hoon, not to be confused with the singer turned actor of the same name, is a rookie who debuted through the KBS drama “School 2013” and is currently acting in “You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin.”

Dongjun and Lee Ji Hoon already participated in the July 17 recording of the show, and the episode will be aired July 30.