It is being reported that ZE:A’s Dongjun is currently in a relationship with musical actress Jung Jae Eun.

On June 5, Sports Today revealed that a source close to the reported couple shared, “Kim Dongjun and Jung Jae Eun became close through the musical ‘All Shook Up,’ and started dating around the beginning of this year.”

According to the report, Dongjun received a lot of help from musical senior Jung Jae Eun, who is three years older than the ZE:A member, while starring in “All Shook Up.” During this process, Dongjun and Jung Jae Eun fell for one another’s charms.

It is said that the two shared photos with each other through their personal SNS, even posing in what appears to be a couple shirt.

In response to these reports, Jung Jae Eun’s agency stated, “It is true that the two are close. It appears that they have been spending time with one another after appearing in the same musical together.”

Star Empire also stated, “We’re not sure about the truth of the dating rumors. We’re currently checking.”

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Star Empire has released an official statement regarding these dating reports: “While it is true that the two are close, they are not dating.”

The agency rep continued to explain, “After appearing in ‘All Shook Up’ together, they have been attending the same church and have stayed close friends. It seems that these dating rumors started because of their close friendship, but they are not in a relationship.”

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Update 2:

Jung Jae Eun’s agency has also denied the rumors: “It is not true that she is dating Kim Dongjun. They are simply close colleagues.”

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