ZE:A‘s Park Hyung Shik has revealed his surprising past with big name agencies.

On July 23, Park Hyung Shik was a guest on “Hwa Shin” and shared that he was a vocal singer in a band during his high school years.

MC Bong Tae Gyu stated, “Park Hyung Shik was in a band as a vocal since high school and he is so skilled that he placed number one in a Kyeongki province competition. I hear that he received offers from big companies that we hear about all the time these days.”

Park Hyung Shik revealed that he received offers from SM and YG and when the MCs asked why he turned them down, he answered, “At that time, I didn’t compete because I wanted to be a singer but because I just liked music. I didn’t even know anything about agencies. Later on, an agency approached me and said, ‘We need a guy like you,’ so I joined the agency, which is where I am now.”

Meanwhile, Kwang Hee humorously stated that he doesn’t have any jealousy toward Park Hyung Shik, regardless of his recent popularity.

Kwang Hee said, “Honestly, I was very jealous of Siwan. I always thought, ‘Why does everyone like Siwan?’ But no matter how popular Hyung Shik is right now, I’m not jealous.”

To that Hyung Shik replied, “Thank you for not being jealous,” and “You don’t know how tiring it is when he gets jealous,” which made everyone laugh.

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