ZE:A’s Kwang Hee declared that he will no longer go under cosmetic surgery.

On the recently aired episode of KBS “1 vs. 100,” the idol singer grabbed interest for his declaration to stop having cosmetic surgery.

Kwang Hee also confidently admitted and revealed his past cosmetic surgeries. He further explained, “You can say that anything stuck on my face has been touched by a knife. I slightly altered my nose, forehead, and eyes. Wouldn’t it be a bit burdensome if I had my eyes altered so that it was obvious? I am a person who knows limits.”

When MC Son Bum Soo asked if he wanted to re-alter any part of his face again, Kwang Hee answered, “I guess if I were to think about it there would be but now I don’t have the time. Now people recognize me. Now is the time to stop.”

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