ZE:A’s Kwang Hee complimented on his imaginary wife for MBC “We Got Married,” Han Sun Hwa.

During the October 27 episode of WGM, the idol husband prepared a birthday party for Han Sun Hwa. Han Sun Hwa appeared with no make-up at a swimming pool which caught Kwang Hee’s attention, as he said, “You look much prettier without make-up.”  

Kwang Hee is known as a unique male idol who has much interest in plastic surgeries and facial decorations. He has gone through many plastic surgeries himself and he’s shared his experiences with his fans too. He is also known as one of the most faithful and honest idols.  

Netizens after watching the show said, “The couple looks so cute together!” “I watch the program because of this couple!” “Sun Hwa’s bare face is so pretty!” and more compliments followed.

How do you like the Kwang Hee-Sun Hwa couple so far?