ZE:A‘s Kwanghee has been confirmed to join the variety show, “Knee Drop Guru” team.

According to Sports Korea on October 29, Kwanghee has been newly recruited as a “Knee Drop Guru” member and will work with Kang Ho Dong. Kwanghee is said to have already sent positive messages to the “Knee Drop Guru” production team.

MBC stated, “Both Kang Ho Dong and Kwanghee already had a lot of interest in each other so if nothing big changes, it is most likely that Kwanghee will become a part of the ‘Knee Drop Guru’ family.” And also, “With Kang Ho Dong as the symbolic focus of ‘Knee Drop Guru,’ having a new assisting MC will bring a new atmosphere for the viewers.”

MBC had folded the popular “Golden Fishery” corner, “Knee Drop Guru” last September when Kang Ho Dong announced his retirement. The corner wasn’t aired for 10 months and with Kang Ho Dong’s recent come back, it will be aired again. The new episode will air on October 29.