ZE:A’s Park Hyung Shik and actor Ryu Soo Young have been cast together for the latest Nongshim ramen CF.

Park Hyung Shik and Ryu Soo Young are currently appearing on MBC’s “Real Men” and have been earning popularity as Korea’s latest “icon of optimism” duo.

Furthermore, Park Hyung Shik, who has earned the nickname of “baby soldier,” has won over viewers’ hearts through his great appetite for army food and Ryu Soo Young delighted viewers by his love for food and cooking.

It seems like MBC’s Sunday night programs have taken over the Nongshim CFs as “Daddy Where Are We Going“s father/son pairs, Kim Sung Joo/Kim Min Gook and Yoon Min Soo/Yoon Hoo have modeled for the Chapagetti ramen.

On July 30, Ryu Soo Young posted a photo of himself and Park Hyung Shik on his me2day with the comment, “Teacher and student, father and son — yesterday, the two of us happily inhaled ramen together.”

ryu soo young park hyung shik

He continued, “Due to your support and overflowing love, we have filmed a CF. Thank you.”

Check out some of Park Hyung Shik and Ryu Soo Young best mukbang (footage of eating) moments!

hyung shik eat 1

hyung shik eat 2

hyung shik eat 3

hyung shik eat 4

hyung shik eat 5

ryu soo young eat 1

ryu soo young eat 2

ryu soo young eat 3