A teaser video for ZE:A’s Park Hyung Sik’s solo album has been released, along with behind-the-scenes pictures.

The teaser is titled “One Day, One Place, Somewhere” (literal translation). In the teaser, Park Hyung Sik sits sadly on a couch as it rains outside. He looks forlorn as he sings, “One day, one place, somewhere.” The video ends with those words appearing on the screen along with the release date of March 11, 215.

His agency, Star Empire, released behind-the-scenes stills through their Twitter account with the caption, “Park Hyung Sik one day, one place, somewhere behind [stills] revealed. Want to hug the ‘shoulder gangster’ (broad-shouldered man).” In the stills, Park Hyung Sik is wearing a white shoulder and looking off somewhere sadly. His broad shoulders and chest and tall stature make quite an impression.

Watch Park Hyung Sik’s solo teaser video below: