ZE:A’s Siwan stated that Kwanghee is no longer jealous. On April 6 a press conference for “Standby” was held at the MBC Dream Center. Siwan was asked if Kwanghee is jealous. Siwan answered, “I received lots of questions whether Kwanghee was jealous of me. It is true that currently even Kwanghee admits that he is the embodiment of jealousy. He was very jealous when we were trainees, but now that he has made a name for himself on his own he has learned a lot as well.”

Siwan continued, “We are trying hard in different industries and he is now more supportive than jealous. I am happy that he is successful. He even said to me, ‘You are doing well so let’s try and make ZE:A do well also.’”

Siwan will play a highschool senior of the same name in “Standby.” Although he is popular he lives with the pain of losing his mother. The show will begin broadcasting on April 9.