‘s leader Zico has talked about how much his group means to him.

On April 2, Block B held its “Block B 2016 Live Blockbuster” concert in Olympic Park. During the concert, Zico said, “You guys must’ve waited for us for a long time, for a year and seven months. We did too.”

He continued, “I did a lot of things last year. I appeared on ‘Unpretty Rapstar‘ and ‘Show Me the Money.’ Even my solo albums came out last year and this year. So I’ve been living a pretty busy life. But I am happier when I am with Block B like this,” and laughed.

Other members said, “We released our lead single ‘A Few Years Later.’ We rose to first place and it’s been staying up there for a long time. We’re very happy. We’re going to release our new album soon, and we hope you fans will make us win first place again.”

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