Block B’s Zico recently participated in a photo shoot and accompanying interview with fashion magazine Marie Claire.

When told that he seems like he would be a romanticist based on his latest song “She’s A Baby,” Zico replied, “I definitely think that I have become more romantic through my songs. I’m more of a romanticist now that I’m living as Zico rather than Woo Jiho (his given name). If my more emotional songs allow listeners to feel a sense of romance vicariously, I think that may be the most romantic thing I’ve ever done.”

Regarding his career as a producer and musician, Zico said, “It’s good for me to do well [in my own activities as a musician]; however, I would also like to help artists who haven’t realized their own potential to experience a change after working with me,” expressing his lofty goals as a producer.

He continued, “I will give everything I have as a musician in 2017,” and expressed that he would work to show the public various sides to his music. Meanwhile, Zico thanked his fans after sweeping the charts with “She’s A Baby” and will be appearing on the upcoming season of “Show Me The Money” as a producer, alongside Dean. Plus, Block B recently celebrated their sixth debut anniversary.

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