On the recent episode of “Radio Star” on September 2, Zion. T came on the show and shared how sad he felt because of IU.

Zion. T talks about how IU proved that she was a fan of Hyukoh by uploading its album on her SNS and by saying it on air during the “Infinity Challenge” music festival.

He says, “IU said that she likes my songs, too, but she never talked about me anywhere. I saw [the ‘Infinity Challenge’ broadcast] and thought, ‘Oh so this is how show business works,’” and looks a bit disappointed.

iu zion t radio star1

Zion. T also reveals what happened during the after party of “Infinity Challenge” music festival, saying, “It was crazy. Everyone gathered around IU’s table, like a campfire. I remained confident and stayed at the table next to hers.”

iu zion t radio star2

Lastly, he adds, “Oh Hyuk was right next to IU.”

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