Zion.T recently opened up about possibly appearing in variety shows in the future, as well as his experience working with legendary veteran singer Lee Moon Sae.

The singer held a showcase on December 4 to celebrate the release of “Snow,” his duet with Lee Moon Sae. The two singers had actually performed together before, as they met on SBS’s “Fantastic Duo” last year, and have kept in touch since then.

When asked how he felt about the collaboration, Zion.T said, “It’s such an honor. He’s the kind of person who is someone almost everyone who does music in the industry looks up to, and he’s someone who has helped shaped Korean music into what it currently is. I mustered up the courage and asked him if he’d like to sing a duet with me and he said, ‘I’ve been waiting for a song like this. Let’s do it.’ It was an honor to hear that.”

With such an amazing collaboration out, fans of Zion.T may be hoping to see the two singers performing together on stage. However, Zion.T revealed that he doesn’t have any plans to appear on music shows but said that he is filming a variety show. He said, “I want to become someone who is more approachable to the public. I’m not quite sure how to do that, but it’s something I want to do.”

Zion.T also confessed, “To be honest, I feel like me appearing on variety shows is like wearing a piece of clothing that doesn’t suit me. I find myself freezing in front of the camera. But I hope to be a pro at variety shows like Yoo Hee Yeol some day after building up some experience and becoming more comfortable.”

Zion.T and Lee Moon Sae released their new single “Snow” on December 4. Check out the music video for the song!

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